Gettysburg Borough Council Meeting – 07/08/2024

I. Council – Call to Order President Moon
II. Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance President Moon
III. Welcome and Opening Remarks President Moon
IV. Announcements President Moon
Upcoming Special Meeting
Monday, July 22, 2024 at 7:00 PM
CDBG Public Hearing #1
V. Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Council
A motion to approve the July 8, 2024 agenda as presented.
A motion to approve minutes of the Council Business Meeting of June 10, 2024; and
Council Work Session on June 24, 2024 as presented.
VI. Public Comment (Restricted to Items on the Agenda)
VII. Current and Old Business
A. Planning Department
1. Planning /Zoning/Code Enforcement John Whitmore
a. Departmental Report
2. Historic & Environmental Preservation Debra English
a. Departmental Report
b. Motions Needing Council Action
A motion to accept the recommendations of the Borough of Gettysburg Historic
Architectural Review Board (HARB) following its review on June 20, 2024 and to
approve the grant of Certificates of Appropriateness for the following applications as
presented: COA-240037 MAJOR PROJECT: 414 York Street – Loyal Order of
Moose Lodge 1526 for the roof replacement project to include replacing the slate
shingles on the roof with architectural shingles, to replace the existing slate shingles
on the sides of the front dormers with dark gray slate color and style synthetic
shingles, to replace the rear roof with a rubber roof material, and to maintain the
metal roof as submitted in the application dated May 17, 2024; COA-240040 MAJOR
PROJECT: 250-252 Baltimore Street – John Buchheister for the construction of a
free-standing gazebo that shall be painted white to match the corresponding design
elements as submitted in the application dated May 29, 2024.
B. Parking Department
1. Departmental Report Becka Fissel
2. Motions Needing Council Action
A motion to authorize the implementation and the temporary exclusive use of public
parking spaces by attendees of religious services at places of worship on Sundays only
during the hours of 6:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., prevailing time. The use of “Sunday
Church Only” signage is hereby authorized for the designation of such temporary use
parking spaces.
A motion to authorize the implementation and use of “Horse-Drawn Carriage
Parking Only” signage for the notification of the public of the exclusive usage of
designated stop and boarding areas by licensed horse-drawn carriage operators.
A motion to authorize the implementation and exclusive use of certain designated
areas in and along public streets within the Borough for the parking of passenger
buses. The use of “Bus Only Parking” signage is hereby authorized for the
designation of such passenger bus parking areas.
A motion to authorize the removal of payment parking meters in and along the west
side of North Washington Street between Racehorse Alley and Railroad Street and to
authorize the preparation of a proposed ordinance amending Chapter 15, Part 4 of
the Code of Ordinances for the purpose of removing such area from the on-street
metered payment parking zones.
C. Public Works Department
1. Departmental Report Robert Harbaugh
D. Borough Engineer
1. Engineer Report Chad Clabaugh
2. Motions Needing Council Action
Motion to award the North Washington Street Water and Sewer (GIL Phase 2B)
project to the lowest qualified responsive and responsible bidder, York Excavating
Company LLC. contingent on satisfactory negotiation of the maintenance and
protection of traffic bid item.
E. Police Department
1. Departmental Report Chief Robert Glenny
2. Motions Needing Council Action
F. Office of the Manager/Treasurer
1. Borough Secretary’s Report Sara L. Stull
2. Borough Manager’s Report Charles R. Gable
3. Motions Needing Council Action
A motion to approve all bills and payrolls for the month as presented.
A motion to authorize a COLA increase for retired police pensioner William
Laughman, to be paid from the Police Pension Plan effective June 1, 2024.
A motion to authorize the promotion and appointment of Officer Christopher Evans,
effective on July 14, 2024, to the open position of Sergeant with the Gettysburg
Borough Police Department, as the top-ranked candidate on the eligibility list,
certified to and submitted by the Civil Service Commission of the Borough of
A motion to appoint Paul Witt to the Gettysburg Historical Architectural Review
Board for a five (5) year term which will expire in August 2029.
A motion to adopt a resolution approving the proposed 2024 Emergency Operations
Plan (EOP) for Gettysburg Borough, Adams County, as the updated and current
disaster emergency management plan for the Borough as required pursuant to the
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Services Code.
VIII. Reports
A. Liaison Reports
B. Other Reports
1. Recycling Report Judith Butterfield
2. Gettysburg Fire Department Report
3. Adams County EMS Report
IX. Elected Official’s Comments
X. Public Comment
XI. Adjournment

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