Race Night

Race Night Airs

  • Live Wednesday Nights at 7pm
  • Reruns on Thursdays at 3:30pm
  • and Sunday nights at 7pm
  • Race Night also airs on White Rose Community TV

Race Night is an informative hour show on Community Media to help keep the viewing public up to date with the latest news on auto racing both locally and nationally. It is the public’s chance to see and hear their favorite drivers and people involved in the racing community. Race Night offers the public the opportunity to call in during live shows to express their questions or comments. Race Night supplies weekly racing results from tracks both locally and nationally and also video highlights from local racing action along with a lot of prize giveaways from local businesses. It is our way of keeping the fans involved in a personal aspect to the sport.


  1. Could you try to get Jordan Givler and Mark Coldren on RaceNight sometime? I am a huge fan of theirs and I believe they would give you a very interesting interview on your show. Thank you.

    Dave Trump

  2. i seen my friend Ashley cappetta is gonna be on race night tonight how can I watch it I have directv do u know what channel and or can we watch it on the internet

  3. Hi, my name is Vincent Edwards. I am a mechanic on the TSR (Travis Scott Racing) team. Last year at the 2016 Racing Extravaganza Show you had spoke with my driver Travis Scott about appearing on your show. Between work schedules and race shop time we lost track of time and the season and were unable to get in cotact with you to arrange an appearance on your show . For the past couple of seasons we have been racing in the 600 Micro division where our team has been very competitive and successful , including a track championship at TrailWays Speedway with also a second place points finish at Path Valley Speedway both in 2015 racing season. After another successful season in the 600 division last year our team is making the move into the 358 division in 2017. As the teams promotions person I am hoping that it would be possible to get Travis on your show. As we all know, racing can be a very expensive sport. With racing on a limited budget any exposure that we can get for Travis to potentially attract some or any sponsorship would be great for our team. On behalf of our team I would like to thank you for your time and hope that you will consider having Travis and our team on your show. Thank you.

    Team Manager,
    Vincent Edwards

  4. So I was trying to watch the rerun on Thursday yesterday and my internet wasn’t working on tuesday I got to watch a little bit of it so I waited till Thursday to watch the rerun and I couldn’t find the rerun any answers am curious

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