What is Community Media?

Community Media is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Media Company established to inform, celebrate, and entertain the people of Adams and York County and surrounding counties.

Who Started Community Media?

Community Media was originally founded as ACTV (Adams Community Television) and was the vision of our Founder Raymond Gouker.
Many Adams community members were responsible for the creation of ACTV. See the History page.

Is Community Media on Satellite (Dish TV/Direct TV)?

No. Community Media is available to Comcast Cable subscribers. Check the coverage map for channels.

I don’t get cable. How can I watch Community Media?

You can watch Community Media online here. You can also watch our live stream on Roku or Amazon Fire TV enabled devices and TVs.

Is Community Media a Public Access Channel?

Yes. Community Media is a PEG Access channel (Public, Education, and Government).

How is Community Media Funded?

Each municipality receives a portion of the cable television revenue that is generated in their municipality call a ‘cable franchise fee’.
Several municipalities in our coverage are choose to support Community Media with a portion of their Cable Franchise fees and/or PEG Pass-through Fee. Additionally, Community Media is funded by grants, programing sponsorships, and contacted video production work.

Municipalities that support Community Media with a quarterly Cable Franchise Fee Percentage
Abbottstown Borough
Bendersville Borough
Berwick Township
Gettysburg Borough
New Oxford Borough
Straban Township

Municipalities that support Community Media with a quarterly PEG Pass-through (PEG pass-through funds are required to be used for capital expenditures if Franchise Fees are also received from the same municipality)
Abbottstown Borough
Freedom Township
Hamiltonban Township

Municipalities that support Community Media with an annual contribution
Cumberland Township
Freedom Township
Germany Township
Hamiltonban Township
Mount Pleasant Township
Oxford Township
Reading Township

How can I help Community Media?

If your municipality supports Community Media thank them for doing so, if they don’t urge them to use the Cable Franchise money they already receive to support community programming.
Monetary donations can be sent the address below or use the donate button to the right:
Community Media
128 N. Peters St.
New Oxford, PA 17350

Become a Member

Support individual programs with underwriting: Call (717) 334-3000

Call about volunteer opportunities.

If Community Media is a Non-Profit Organization why do you need underwriters and donations?

Community Media needs underwriting and donations to sustain programming and operations, upgrade equipment, and pay operations staff.

Are the producers of Community Media paid?

No. All producers and hosts on Community Media graciously donate their time, efforts, and in some cases money to help Community Media’s mission of celebrating community.

I have information about an upcoming event. How can I promote this event on Community Media?

Community Media has several options to help your organization connect to our community. Call (717) 334-3000 or email info@communitymedia.net more information.

What are Community Media’s telecast hours?

Community Media is on air twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We also broadcast online.

Does Community Media operate the bulletin board?

Yes. The Community Bulletin Board is aired on our channels. The bulletin board informs the community of upcoming events.

How do I get my information on the Community Media Bulletin Board?

Non-Profits can send their information to the Community Media Bulletin Board via the Bulletin Page
Find out more information about the Bulletin Board Here

Why doesn’t Community Media cover every event in Adams/York County?

Due to the lack of funds and personnel, Community Media is currently not able to cover every event happening in our coverage area?

How do I start a new program on Community Media?

Contact Community Media for a program proposal form and information about new programming.

Who runs Community Media?

A volunteer Board of Directors. See Officers & Staff page.

Who maintains this Web Site?

The staff of Community Media.

I have a question that isn’t posted here?

See the Contact Us page for all questions and comments.