WWII Reenactment-“Liberation of New Oxford” 2011

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  1. I was loader on the 20mm gun located on the side street. We were not in the video. We actually knocked out both the half track and the armor, but nobody saw it. O well.


  2. After watching this again I see my wife, the smaller of the two DRK nurses everywhere.

    Also I am the German in the back of the Krupp truck seen at the end just to the right of the veterans at the ceremony.

  3. At 3:00 you will see that the german Hauptman is very clever and orders a search of the coffin and wagon that I have pushed into New Oxford Square. At 3:30 the Krauts find the cache of weapons in the coffin and no corpse. The family and I (with hands held high) are then led away and executed. Oh , but not before I pulled a 1933 Nagant revolver from my front pocket and shot Kraut cannon crew in their Arses!

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