Local Youth Storm Capitol Hill in Support of Drug Free Communities

On Wednesday, February 9, 2011, after attending the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA) week-long National Youth Leadership Institute, local high school students joined thousands of youth, community leaders, and government officials on Capitol Hill to support a minimum allocation of $95 million for the Drug Free Communities Program.

Adams County Youth Coalition leaders also met with Congressman Todd Platts to share their first-hand knowledge about the positive impact of having a Drug Free Communities (DFC) program in Adams County has in their home communities. Although recent national surveys show that drug use is on the rise nationally, local evaluations prove that the DFC program is effective in Adams County, reducing teen drug, alcohol, and tobacco use to levels lower than the national average.

In Adams County school districts where youth, school personnel, and the community support evidenced-based programs and partner with Collaborating For Youth, the use of marijuana has decreased by 39%; binge drinking has decreased by 37%; and tobacco use has decreased by 40%. The national averages in those same areas show an increase in the use of marijuana by 9.6%; a decrease in binge drinking of 13.9%; and a decrease in tobacco use of only 24.1%.

Collaborating For Youth is a Drug Free Communities coalition working to improve the environment for youth and their families, serving Adams County, Pennsylvania since 2001. CFY brings together schools, service providers, county and local government, clergy, parents, and youth to focus on preventing and reducing substance abuse and the other adolescent problem behaviors linked with substance use. Collaborating For Youth has been a federally funded Drug Free Communities Coalition since 2005 and continued funding is critical to the safety and welfare of Adams County youth and families.

For more information about how youth can join the CFY Youth Coalition and the impact Drug Free Communities funding is having in Adams County, please contact Sharron Michels or Emily Knowles-Kellett at (717) 338-0300.

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