McSherrystown Borough Council Meeting – 2/9/2022

McSherrystown Borough Council General Meeting
Agenda- February 9th 2022 6:30 PM
Borough Council:
Dan Colgan
William Smith
Joyce Murren
George Staub
Joseph VonSas
Donna Spangler
Tim Klunk
Mayor & Staff:
Kathleen Todt (Mayor)
Justin George (Solicitor)
John Weiser (Constable)

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Invocation for Divine Guidance
4. Attendance Roll call
5. Approval of January 26th Minutes – roll call
6. Announcements
a. Meeting Feb 23, 2022 has been cancelled

7. Committee Reports
a. Personnel: Dan Colgan
b. Planning & Zoning: William Smith
c. Highways: Donna Spangler
d. Building & Grounds: Tim Klunk
e. Civil Service: Acting: Dan Colgan
f. Public Safety: Joyce Murren
g. Recreation: Joyce Murren
h. Sewer: Joseph VonSas
i. Solid Waste: Joseph VonSas
j. Finance: Dan Colgan
k. Mayor’s Office Mayor Todt
l. Solicitor’s Office Justin George

8. Public Comment on New Business Items listed on the agenda
All individuals who intend to address items on the agenda during public
comment are required to sign in on the sign-in sheet prior to the start of the
meeting. You will be invited when it is your turn to address council.
Please Approach Podium, state your full name and address for the record, and
the subject matter topic on the agenda to which you are commenting. You are
allotted 3 minutes in total upon being recognized.
New Business:

9. Advertising of revised ordinance of “Council Salaries in the borough of
McSherrystown”. Per 8 Pa.C.S.A § 1001; thus eliminating salaries for those
elected offices in the Borough of McSherrystown at the beginning of the next
election term for each. Budget 2025 total budget savings $2400.00, 2029 total
budget savings: $6400.00 per year

10. Continued Discussion of International Property Maintenance Code and the Property
Occupancy Inspection Ordinance for the Borough of McSherrystown with possible

11. Expenditure of Funds
Announcement of Next Public Meeting:
The next public meeting of the McSherrystown Borough Council is currently scheduled
for Wednesday March 9th, 2022 at 6:30 pm in the Borough Council Chambers.
Call for Motion to Adjourn

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