Hanover Borough Council Finance and Personnel Committee and Council Workshop – 9/20/2023

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 – 7:00 PM
44 Frederick Street, Hanover, PA
And via Zoom for Public Access
1. Acknowledgement of Executive Session if Any
2. Public Comment
3. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes: August 16, 2023 – Approve
b. Finance Reports:
i. Approve Bills for Payment
ii. Accept Monthly Financial Statement
iii. Accept Report of Monthly Investments
c. Trick or Treat: Approve for 10-24-2023 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
d. Halloween Parade: Approve Special Event Permit for 10-26-23 7:30 PM
e. Gateway Drive: Approve Release of Public Surety Maintenance Bond
Release for street construction and related improvements
f. The Residence on Church (Church Street, McSherrystown): Approve Release
of Public Surety Maintenance Bond for water system installation
g. 2022 Water Main Replacement Project – Approve Change Order No. 6 for
credit of $811.25
h. Approve requests for sewer credits as per Resolution #1167
i. Fred Brady, 128 E. Chestnut Street – $257.85
ii. Dianne Fisher, 604 Northland Drive – $616.86
iii. Rodolfo Romero, 972 Carlisle Street – $1,949.10
i. Minimum Municipal Obligation for Pension Plans: Approve amount
required to fund pension plans for 2024
j. Approve Lions Club Request for Tag Day at Market House: 10-14-2023
k. Direct Civil Service Commission: to adopt Eligibility List for Police Officer
3. Consent Agenda, ctd.
l. Ratify Arboretum Tree Inventory & Management Plan Contract: between
Western PA Conservancy and Bartlett Tree Experts at no cost to Borough
m. Approve appointment of Interim Library Director: effective 9-20-2023, with
$1,000 per month stipend until the Library Director position is filled.
n. Approve waiver of fees for Temporary Alley Closure: Doss Alley between
Chestnut Street and College Avenue for Rise Against Hunger Event 11-4 &
4. Finance, Personnel and Administration
a. 2024 Budget: Executive Summary
b. 2024 SPCA Agreement: Approve annual service contract in the amount of
5. Public Safety Committee
a. Revision of Park Rules: Approve advertisement of ordinance amending
park rules to eliminate the allowance of open burning
b. West Hanover Street School Zone: Approve 50% cost sharing with
Hanover Public School District after finalization by PennDOT (approximate
50% cost to Borough of $4,000)
6. Water Resources
a. Sheppard-Myers Dam Rehabilitation Project Closeout: Approve execution of
dispute agreement and payment of Change Order No. 006 in the amount of
$44,191.72 for sluice gates and gate valve items only
b. Eagle Rock Development, Centennial Road and Route 116: Approve
execution of Water Main Extension Agreement
c. Safe Yield Study/Drought Contingency Planning: Approve engagement of
Gannett Fleming for development of study and comprehensive planning to
ensure water capacity for future
7. Public Works & Facilities Committee
a. Approve resolution for funding through LSA Category 4 Grant Program:
not to exceed $300,000 and authorize execution of related letters of
support for 2024 purchase of code and police vehicles
b. Approve resolution for funding through Keystone Recreation, Park and
Conservation Fund Grants: for Public Library Facilities Program not to
exceed $500,000 and authorize execution of related letters of support for
Library HVAC system
8. Reports of Council Members, Council Committees and Other Public Bodies
a. Committee Chair Reports:
i. Public Safety Committee – Dr. Rupp
ii. Enhancement Committee – Mr. Hegberg
iii. Water & Sewer Committee – Mr. Reichart
iv. Public Works & Facilities Committee – Mr. Kress
v. Governance & Policy Committee – Dr. Rupp
vi. Fire Commission – Council Member Mr. Kress
9. Management Reports
10. Correspondence and Information
11. Additional Public Comment
12. Adjournment
➢ Budget Workshop Meeting Reminder: Tuesday, September 26, 2023 9:00 AM
to 3:00 PM in the Hormel Reading Room, 2 Library Place, Hanover, PA

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