Hanover Borough Council Finance Committee / Workshop Meeting – 11/15/2023

November 15, 2023 – 7:00 PM
44 Frederick Street, Hanover, PA
And via Zoom for Public Access
1. Acknowledgement of Executive Session if Any
2. Public Comment
3. Presentation
a. York County Wi-Fi Initiative – Silas Chamberlain, York County Economic
Alliance (YCEA)
4. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes: October 18, 2023 – Approve
b. Finance Reports:
i. Approve Bills for Payment
ii. Accept Monthly Financial Statement
iii. Accept Report of Monthly Investments
c. Approve request for sewer credits as per Resolution #1167:
i. Martha McLemore, 218 Centennial Avenue $733.98
d. Hiring List for Police Officer Vacancies: Direct the Civil Service
Commission to provide a certified hiring list from the current eligibility
e. Joint Eligibility List for Firefighter Vacancies: Direct the Civil Service
Commission to create a joint eligibility list for Hanover Borough & Penn
f. Market House: Approve Salvation Army Request for bell ringers during
the holiday season
5. Finance, Personnel and Administration
a. 2024 Budget: Approve the advertisement of the 2024 budget for public
b. Expiring Commission & Board Terms: Approve advertisement of expiring
commission & board positions for interview 12/20/23
c. 250th Anniversary Resolution: Approve
d. Mass Information Notification Services Contract: Approve staff
e. LSA Grant for Community/Council Room at 33 Frederick St: Approve
resolution and legislative support letters (grant requires no match)
f. Annual Allocation for Main Street Hanover: Approve advertisement of
ordinance for funding amount
g. 2024 Organizational Chart: Approve personnel changes included in
i. Chief Code Enforcement Officer: Approve salary adjustment for
department head to $90,000
ii. Recreation Director: Approve new director position at a salary range of
6. Public Safety
a. Rental Registration & Inspection: Survey Distribution
b. Market House: Approve advertisement of ordinance for no parking on
Chestnut Street in front of Market House
c. Fire Museum Wayfinding Signs: Approve placement of signs on Baltimore
Street and York Street at the intersection of Hanover Street
7. Public Works & Facilities
a. Municipal Complex: Approve revised A/E contracts for 33 and 44
Frederick Street
b. Public Works & Water Resources Facilities: Approve recommendations on
A/E study contracts for 139 North Street & 228 High Street
8. Water Resources
a. Stonewicke Water System: Approve dedication, release of maintenance
bond and easement agreement
b. Water Use Restrictions: Review proposed action of Borough Manager to
implement mandatory restriction of non-essential water uses
c Water System Specifications: Approve Resolution for accepting “Rules,
Regulations and Specifications for Water Service”
9. Planning Commission
a. 440 & 442 McKinley Avenue: Approve Resolution for Preliminary/Final
Subdivision Plan
b. Cherry Tree V: Accept Offer of JA Myers Building & Development/Royal
Building, Inc. to grant the Borough an extension of time until March 27,
2024, for consideration of approval of the Cherry Tree Preliminary Land
Development Plan, in accordance with Section 508 of the Pennsylvania
Municipalities Planning Code.
10. Stormwater Authority
a. Articles of Incorporation Amendment: Authorize Advertisement of
11. Recreation
a. Draft Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Plan: Comments/Discussion
12. Reports of Council Members, Council Committees and Other Public Bodies
a. Committee Chair Reports:
i. Public Safety Committee – Dr. Rupp
ii. Enhancement Committee – Mr. Hegberg
iii. Water & Sewer Committee – Mr. Reichart
iv. Public Works & Facilities Committee – Mr. Kress
v. Governance & Policy Committee – Dr. Rupp
vi. Fire Commission – Council Member Mr. Kress
13. Management Reports
14. Correspondence and Information
a. Tuesday, November 21, 2023
i. 6:00 PM Conditional Use Public Hearing
ii. 7:00 PM Council Meeting
15. Additional Public Comment
a. Reminder of Santa Parade – Friday, November 24, 2023 at 8:30 AM
16. Adjournment

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