Gettysburg Borough Zoning Hearing Board Meeting – 7/12/2023

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 at 7:00pm | Borough Council Chambers
I. Convene Meeting
II. Review and Approve Agenda
III. Review and Approve April 26, 2023 Minutes
IV. Hearing continued from June 28, 2023
Case # ZHB-230002
Applicant 501 Richardson Acquisition, LLC
Properties Affected 103 Carlisle Street (Tax Parcel ID #16007-0109—000)
102 N. Stratton Street (Tax Parcel ID #16007-0125A–000)
108 N. Stratton Street (Tax Parcel ID #16007-0125—000)
Property on the east side of N. Stratton Street immediately north
of the railroad tracks (Tax Parcel ID #16007-0216—000)
Applicant’s Request The applicant seeks the following relief pursuant to or from the
provisions of the Gettysburg Borough Zoning Ordinance:
(i) Special Exception pursuant to Section 27-8A03.B. to extend
the maximum building height from 48 to 72 feet, plus an
additional 12 feet for mechanicals
(ii) Variances from Section 27-1524.W(4)(a)-(b) and Section 27-
1524.W(5) to permit the 7-story building to be constructed
without the building step-backs described therein
(iii) Variance from Section 27-8A05.1. to permit the new Transit
Center to be constructed to a height that is less than the 24-
foot minimum building height in the ROR district.
V. Additional Business
VI. Adjourn

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