Gettysburg Storm Water Authority Meeting – 3/14/2022

I. GBSWA – Call to Order Chairman Malewicki
II. Welcome and Opening Remarks Chairman Malewicki
III. Announcements Chairman Malewicki
IV. Approval of Agenda, Minutes, and other Business Chairman Malewicki
A motion to approve the agenda as presented.
A motion to approve all bills and payrolls as presented.
A motion to approve the February 14, 2022 meeting minutes.
V. Public Comment (Restricted to Items on the Agenda)
VI. Special Presentation
VII. Current and Old Business
A. Financial Updates
1. Revenue vs. Expenses YTD (2022) Gable
2. Payments/Liens English
Borough of Gettysburg
GBSWA – Gettysburg Borough Storm Water Authority
Monday – March 14, 2022 5:30 PM
B. Review of Rates, Rules, and Regulations Boyer/Gable
Motion to adopt the revised Rates, Rules and Regulations Policy Manual for the
Gettysburg Borough Storm Water Authority as presented by staff.
C. Project Updates
1. South Street Construction Clabaugh
Motion to authorize a payment to the Borough in the amount of $1,750 for the
installation of 70 lineal feet of 3” PVC pipe included with the South Street curb
and sidewalk contract that has been awarded by the Borough to Mathews
2. Culps Run Stream Restoration Clabaugh
VIII. New Business
IX. Public Comment
X. Adjournment

Michael S. Malewicki (Chair of Board) Charles R. Gable, MPA (Borough Manager)
John D. Lawver, Jr. (Vice Chair of Board) Debra English (MS4 Coordinator)
Wesley K. Heyser (Secretary) Karen Mesher (Recording Secretary)
Charles Strauss (Member) Sara Stull (Right-to-Know Officer)
Patrick Naugle (Member) Adam D. Boyer (Solicitor)
C.S. Davidson, Inc. (Chad Clabaugh – Engineer)

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