Gettysburg Borough Storm Water Authority Meeting – 10/10/2023

I. GBSWA – Call to Order Chairman Malewicki
II. Welcome and Opening Remarks Chairman Malewicki
III. Announcements Chairman Malewicki
IV. Approval of Agenda, Minutes, and other Business Chairman Malewicki
A motion to approve the agenda as presented.
A motion to approve all bills and payrolls as presented.
A motion to approve the September 11, 2023 meeting minutes.
V. Public Comment (Restricted to Items on the Agenda)
VI. Special Presentation
2024 Budget Proposal Gable
 2024 Billing (2% Discount) – Billing Software
VII. Current and Old Business
A. Financial Updates
 Revenue vs. Expenses YTD (2023) Gable
 Payments Received (2023 Billing) English
Borough of Gettysburg
GBSWA – Gettysburg Borough Storm Water Authority
Monday – September 11, 2023 5:30 PM
 Liens Filed Boyer
VIII. Old Business
A. Rain Barrel Workshop Report English
B. Sustainability Conference English
C. Bream Alley Update Spears
IX. New Business
A. MS4 Permit Submittal Spears
X. Public Comment
XI. Adjournment

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