Gettysburg Borough Council Special Meeting – 2/26/2024

Borough of Gettysburg
Council Business Meeting Agenda
Monday, February 26, 2024 – 6:30 PM
I. Council – Call to Order President Moon
II. Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance President Moon
III. Welcome and Opening Remarks President Moon
IV. Announcements President Moon
V. Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Council
A motion to approve the February 26, 2024 meeting agenda as presented.
VI. Public Comment (Restricted to Items on the Agenda)
VII. Current and Old Business

A. Borough Engineer
1. PBS 2020-04 GIL Phase B1 / B2(A) / B2(B) Gable/Clabaugh
Funding Strategies
A motion authorizing the preparation of a resolution for consideration of adoption by
the Borough Council for the authorization of a local match in the amount of
$273,500.00 relative to the funding in connection with the construction and
completion of certain infrastructure improvements for Phase B of the Gettysburg
Inner Loop project.
VIII. Public Comment
IX. Adjournment

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