Gettysburg Borough Council Work Session – 5/23/2022

Borough of Gettysburg
Council Work Session Meeting Agenda
Monday, May 23, 2022 – 7:00 PM
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I. Call to Order President Heyser
II. Welcome and Opening Remarks President Heyser
III. Announcements President Heyser
IV. Public Comment – Restricted to Old Business and New Agenda Items (not tabled items)
V. Special Presentation
VI. New Business
VII. Old Business
A. S. English Zoning Text Amendment Request Heyser
B. Zoning Text Amendment: Limiting VR to One Per Property Heyser
VIII. Tabled Old Business (for consideration at future Council meetings)
A. SALDO (with Planning Commission for Revisions)
B. Truck Restrictions/PennDOT Status Update
C. Street Boxes
D. Sidewalk Ordinance Revisions
E. PBS 2019-09 Gettysburg Borough Community Center
F. PBS 2020-04 GIL B1/B2-Chambersburg Storm Sewer Grant
G. PBS 2022-05 Public Safety Ordinance Housekeeping
H. PBS 2022-01 Budget Policy – Departmental Spending
I. PBS 2022-03 Fire Code Revisions
J. PBS 2022-04 Historic District Replacement Material Revisions
IX. Public Comment (open to items not on the agenda)
X. Adjournment

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