Hanover Borough Finance & Personnel Council Workshop – 8/17/2022

6:30 Executive Session
1. Public Comment
AUGUST 17TH, 2022 – 7:00 PM
2. Acknowledgement of Executive Session if Any
3. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes: July 20111
, 2022
b. Finance Reports:
1. Approve Bills for Payment
ii. Accept Monthly Financial Statement
111. Accept Report of Monthly Investments
c. Special Events:
i. Downtown Christmas Events: Approve Main Street Hanover events
& Free Holiday Parking downtown Fridays & Saturdays: November
26th – December 3151
, 2022
ii. Jaycees Halloween Parade: Approve parade for Thursday, October
27, 2022 at 7:30 PM
iii. Christ Wants to Change your Story: Approve Wirt Park Event on
September 2, 2022
d. Market House Lease:
1. Cali’s Bone Bakery Pet Treats: Approve lease agreement for two
e. CDBG Amendatory Contract: Approved Amendatory Grant Contract for Good
Field Complex Improvements for Increase in Funding by $1,910.00
4. Presentations/ Interviews/ Related Actions
a. Library Director, Shanna Hollich: Library Needs Assessment and Planning
Study performed by consultant JR Keller, LLC & recommendation of Library
Work Group
5. Finance, Personnel and Administration
a. Library Fundraising & Development Manager: Approve new hire as
recommended by Library Work Group
b. Asst. Public Works Director: Approve extension of stipend to year-end for
supervision of the Water Meter and Inflow/Infiltration Depts
6. Governance & Policy Committee
a. Take Home Vehicles: Approve list of positions permitted to take home
Borough-owned vehicles
7. Department of Planning and Engineering
a. Rental Registration & Inspection: Approve Advertisement of Ordinance
b. Abandoned or Junked Vehicles: Adopt Ordinance
8. Department of Water Resources
a. Neptune “Smart” Water Meter Project: Approve initial investment in the
amount of $2,053,872
b. Emergency Repairs: Ratify approval of emergency expenditure for failed
network switch at Water Filter Plant in the amount of $28,000
c. 2021 Water System Improvement Project with EK Services: Approve change
order in the amount of$5,803.33 to add the installation of 6″ gate valve on E.
Walnut Street
9. Planning Commission
a. Zoning Ordinance Amendments: Receive Work Product of Planning
Commission and Approve Advertisement of Ordinance
10. Public Safety Committee
a. No Parking Ordinance Amendments: Approve ordinance as advertised
i. Grant Drive – South side: Broadway west to first alley
11. E. Chestnut Street – East side: Railroad St south to Carlisle St
b. Bike Repair Station at Fat Bat Brewery: Approve installation agreement for
grant funded project
11. Reports of Council Members, Council Committees and Other Public Bodies
12. Management Reports
13. Correspondence and Information
14. Additional Public Comment
15. Adjournment

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