Hanover Borough Council Workshop and Finance & Personnel Committee – 6/15/0222

JUNE 15, 2022 – 7:00 PM
1. Public Comment
2. Acknowledgement of Executive Session if Any
3. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes: May 18, 2022
b. Finance Reports:
i. Approve Bills for Payment
ii. Accept Monthly Financial Statement
iii. Accept Report of Monthly Investments
c. Special Events:
i. Hanover Chili Cookoff – Sunday, September 4, 2022 at Moul Field
ii. Stateline Canine Event – Sat & Sun, Sept, 24 & 25, 2022 at Good
iii. Hanover Food Truck Summer Series (HEDC) July/August various dates
d. Market House Leases:
i. M & S Country Creations – handmade gifts – adding one stall
ii. Pam Roos – ceramics & handmade cards – new vendor
e. Library Work Group: Approve legal advertisement to extend monthly
meetings through September 2022
f. Library Board of Governors: Approve appointment of Andrew Smith as
Library Association Appointee for term expiring January 31, 2023
g. Hanover Economic Development Corporation: Reappoint Mindy Crawford for
3 year term expiring July 20, 2025
4. Presentations / Interviews / Related Actions
a. Chris Miller, Hanover Borough Building and Codes Official: Report on
Current Departmental Efforts & Initiatives
b. Appoint Interview Committees for Appointments-Reappointments – for
interviews to be held at June 22, 2022 Council meeting:
i. Interview Committee for Planning Commission – 4 year term, 4
ii. Interview Committee for Recreation Board – 5 year term, 1 position
5. Finance, Personnel and Administration
a. Trainee for Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant: Approve new hire
b. Delinquent Collections: Approve Resolution for collection procedures and
schedule of attorney fees for delinquent utility accounts, fines and assessment
c. 2023 Budget Directive & Calendar: Approve
6. Department of Planning and Engineering
a. Rental Registration Program: Request for Council Direction on Rental Program
Scope / Updated Ordinance
b. 229 Carlisle Street: Approve Quiet Title for unopened access off Railroad
c. 661-663 Broadway: Approve Resolution for Rutter’s Final Minor Land
Development Plan
d. 14 Carlisle Street: Authorize emergency repairs
7. Department of Public Works
a. Municipal Building Roof: Award contract to Lobar Associates Construction at
a cost of $292,011.86 through Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN)
b. Transfer Station Hauling Bid:
i. Reject all bids opened May 18, 2022
ii. Approve extension of contract with Sullivan Hauling until 7/31/22
iii. Approve rebid of contract for July approval
c. Fleet Management:
i. Approve 2023 Borough Ford vehicle ordering
ii. Approve 2022 vehicle change orders
8. Department of Water Resources
a. 2022 Water Main Replacement Project: Award bid to ———-at a cost of
$XXX,XXX (Bids to be opened June 22, 2022)
9. Public Safety Committee
a. Noise Ordinance: Presentation by Solicitor and request to advertise ordinance
b. Proposed Ordinance Amendments – Approve advertisements for 6/22 approval:
i. Fire Code Ordinance – Clarification of recreational fires
ii. 316 Broadway – Parking restriction at driveway
iii. Turning Restrictions – Approve advertisement of ordinance
amendments for “right turn only” during certain hours:
1. York and Walnut Streets
2. N. and S. Franklin Street at Frederick Street
3. E. and W. Walnut Streets at Baltimore Street
10. Governance & Policy Committee
a. Mandatory Training & Certification Policy: Approve
11. Reports of Council Members, Council Committees and Other Public Bodies
12. Management Reports
13. Correspondence and Information
14. Additional Public Comment
15. Adjournment

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