Hanover Borough Council Workshop/Finance & Personnel Committee Meeting – 4/20/2022

APRIL 20, 2022 – 7:00 PM
6:30 PM – Executive Session – Personnel
1. Public Comment
2. Acknowledgement of Executive Session, if Any
3. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes: March 16, 2022
b. Finance Reports:
1. Approve Bills for Payment
2. Accept Monthly Financial Statement
3. Accept Report of Monthly Investments
c. Purchasing:
1. Hay Harvesting Bid: Award 3 year contract Waggoner Construction –
d. Recreation Agreement: Approve agreement
e. Field Use Agreements: Approve the following:
1. Hanover Diamond Sports – 2 agreements
2. Southwest York Outlaws – 2 agreements
3. Healthy Kids Running Series: April 24, May 1, May 8, May 22
and June 5
f. Special Events:
1. Memorial Day Parade, May 30, 2022
2. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, August 12, 2022
3. Global 6K for Water, May 21, 2022
3. Consent Agenda, continued
g. Sewer Credit Requests per Resolution #1067
1. Clearspring Enterprises LLC, 702 Blossom Drive – $162.25
2. Richard Eiserman, 225 Moul Avenue – $3,420.42
4. Presentations / Interviews / Related Actions
a. Bond Refinancing: Meet with Financial Advisor to consider potential debt
1. Approve advertisement of ordinance for debt refinancing
5. Finance, Personnel and Administration
a. Police Personnel: Direct Civil Service Commission to provide Certified Hiring
b. Recruitment of new Borough Manager: Appoint Team LMI at a cost of $1,650
per month up to 4 months
c. Recruitment of new Water Resource Director: Appoint Team LMI at a cost of
$1,650 up to 4 months
d. Records Disposition: Approval of resolution for disposition of records and
contract for shredding in an amount not to exceed $10,000, to be paid for out of
fund reserves.
e. Council Chamber Audio: Update
6. Department of Planning and Engineering
a. Zoning Ordinance Amendment (Short Term Rental): Accept recommendation
of Planning Commission; Discuss and advertise intention to adopt in May
b. Gateway Drive: Approve Ordinance dedicating street to the Borough
c. Hanover Area Housing Authority – Randolph Street: Approve Release of
Public Improvements Bond
d. Charles Street Subdivision Plan: Approve Resolution for Plan Approval
7. Water Resource Department
a. Leak Detection Equipment: Approve capital purchase of leak detection
equipment at a cost of $27,150 to be funded by water reserves
b. Water Filter Plant Capital Project: Approve budgeted capital purchase and
installation of variable frequency drives from Gettle at a cost of approximately
c. Annual Water Department Materials & Supplies: Discuss & reject all bids
8. Recreation Board
a. Wirt Park: Approve Temporary Fencing
9. Public Safety Committee
a. Noise Ordinance: Discussion and review revised draft: Approve advertisement
of ordinance
10. Public Works & Facilities Committee
a. Guthrie Memorial Library Roof Replacement: Continue with the project design
as currently underway and previously contracted
b. Public Administration / Public Safety Facility & Public Works / Water
Resources Facility: Authorize Buchart Horn to develop a design and site
concept, in the amount of $9,400, for a combined public administration / public
safety facility at the North Street Public Works site; and a Public Works
campus at the former Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant site to house the
Public Works Department and the Water Resources Department, with effort to
be funded from the Capital Improvements Reserve Fund
c. Bare Center – Guthrie Memorial Library: Authorize Buchart Horn to evaluate
and develop design concepts for improvements to the existing Bare Center in
the amount of $ 2,400, to include the audio-visual facilities and an additional
meeting room with effort to be funded from the Capital Improvements Reserve
d. Replacement Roof for Police Department: Approve emergency contract or
authorize bidding for unbudgeted capital expense estimated at $120,000
11. Economic Development Committee
a. Management Agreement: Approve management agreement with Hanover
Economic Development Corporation
b. Ordinance: Adopt ordinance to provide funding to Hanover Economic
Development Corporation
12. Reports of Council Members, Council Committees and Other Public Bodies
13. Management Reports
14. Correspondence and Information
15. Additional Public Comment
16. Adjournment

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