Hanover Borough Council Meeting – 3/16/2022

MARCH 16, 2022 – 7:00 PM
1. Public Comment
2. Acknowledgement of Executive Session
3. Consent Agenda
a. Finance Reports:
1. Approve Bills for Payment
2. Accept Monthly Financial Statement
3. Accept Report of Monthly Investments
b. Emergency Operations Plan: Adopt
c. Library Board of Governors: Appoint Bobbi Little to the Library Board of
Governors for a term ending January 31, 2024
d. AFSCME W Side Letter: Approve
e. Market House: Approve
1. Nada Acres Flower Farm for 6-month lease
2. Lookenbill Antique Jewelry
f. Purchasing and Contracts:
1. Fireworks: Award contact
2. Rock Salt for Snow and Ice in Bulk Quantities: Award bid
3. Parking Kiosks: Approve contract with MacKay for kiosks at the
previously approved locations on Carlisle Street and Railroad
Street for a total price not to exceed $12,850
3. Consent Agenda, continued
4. Forest Management Plan: Approval of Resolution No. ____
approving a sale of Timber and Timber Conveyance Agreement
with Pixelle Specialty Solutions, LLC in accordance with the
Borough’s Forestry Management Plan
5. 2022 Water System Lining Project: Award bid to J. Fletcher
Creamer and Son, Inc at a cost of $595,020.
g. West Hanover Street Tennis Courts: Approve Annual Request of Delone Catholic
Boys Tennis Team to use courts on 7 weekdays in spring.
h. Special Events:
1. 5K Run for MSA: March 25
2. Main Street Hanover Events (See attachment)
3. Fun Day with Jesus in the Park: Wirt Park, May 28
4. Hanover Juneteenth Jubilee: Wirt Park, June 18
5. PrideFest: Moul Field, June 25
6. Hope for Hanover: Wirt Park, August 7 to August 14
7. Hanover Diversity Festival: Moul Field, October 1
8. Snacktown Runfest: October 1
9. Snacktown Brewfest: Moul Field, October 22
4. Presentations / Interviews
a. Interviews for Planning Commission for a term through 7/31/2025
b. Open Space and Recreation Plan Update
5. Finance, Personnel and Administration
a. Planning Commission: Appoint New Member
b. Fee Increases: Revise Fee Resolution
1. Parking Meter Rates
2. Building / Zoning Permit Fees
c. Resolution for a Supplemental Appropriation of $3.5 Million in AARPA Funds to
the 2022 General Fund Budget: Approve
d. Resolution to Establish a Capital Projects Fund and Transfer $3,500,000
to a Capital Projects Fund: Approve
e. Water Resource Department Organization: Update on next steps
f. PUC Outside Borough Water Rates: Schedule special meeting and approve
advertisement of Ordinance establishing PUC approved rates.
6. Hanover Economic Development Corporation
a. Advertise Ordinance to appropriate $30,000 from the approved 2022 budget
7. Police Department
a. Police Staffing: Approve filling of new vacancies as they arise not to exceed 25
sworn officers
8. Public Works Department
a. Fuel Pumping Station Site Repair: Award a contract for $11k – $15 k
9. Governance and Policy Committee
a. Policy on Board and Committee Appointments: Adopt
10. Public Safety Committee
a. Engine Brake Retarder Prohibition: Adopt Ordinance
b. Coalition Against Bigger Trucks: Approve Letter
11. Water Resource Department:
a. Wastewater Treatment Plant: Approve purchase of centrifuge
12. Requests to Assign New Priority Business to Borough Council’s Committees as
Suggested by Council Members and Staff, if Any
13. Reports of Council Members, Council Committees and Other Public Bodies
14. Management Reports
15. Correspondence and Information
16. Additional Public Comment
17. Adjournment
* Governance Committee April 4, 2022 6:00 PM
* Public Safety Committee April 5, 2022 6:00 PM
* Public Works & Facilities April 13, 2022 6:00 PM
* Council Workshop / Finance Committee April 20, 2022 7:00 PM
Hanover Borough Council April 27, 2022 7:00 PM
* Committee Meetings will be cancelled if there is no business. Please advise the Borough
Secretary if you will be unable to attend any meetings.
REMINDER: Conditional Use Hearing on March 23 at 6:00 PM prior to the Regular
Council Meeting

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