Hanover Borough Council Workshop and Finance & Personnel – 1/18/2023

JANUARY 18, 2023 – 7:00 PM
1. Acknowledgement of Executive Session if Any
2. Public Comment
3. Consent Ag:enda
a. Minutes: December 21, 2022 – Approve
b. Finance Reports:
i. Approve Bills for Payment
11. Accept Monthly Financial Statement
iii. Accept Report of Monthly Investments
c. Special Events: Approve
i. Snack Town Brewfest: Moul field 9/16/2023 (change of date)
d. Assistant Treasurer: Approve appointment of John Tracey
e. Facility Access Form: Approve form for contractor facility access
f High Pointe at Rojen Farms (Phase 4): Approve Water Service
Agreement (off Grandview Road near Kortney Drive in Penn Twp)
g. McKinsley Heights: Approve Bond Release (McShern;stown)
h. Disposition of Records: Approve Resolution according to PA Historic
& Museum Commission guidelines
4. Presentations & Interviews
a. Main Street Hanover: Chamber and Main Street Representatives
b. Traffic Congestion and Pedestrian Safety Project: Update from Public
Works Director
5. Finance, Personnel and Administration
a. Current and Prior Tax Liens and Exonerations: Ratify Mayor’s action to
exonerate the tax collector from further collection of delinquent taxes
that will be referred to York County Tax Claim Bureau for lien
b. Advertise Ordinances for 2023 Appropriations:
1. Main Street Hanover – $40,000
ii. Hanover Economic Development Corporation – $15,000
c. Library Fundraising & Development Contractor: Approve RFP
d. 333 Realty, LLC v. Borough of Hanover & Thomas L. Allison &
Rhonda L. Allison
1. A pp rove settlement agreement
ii. Approve access easement agreement
6. Governance and Policy:
a. Public Comment 3-Minute Time Limitation: Approve purchase and
implementation of timing system
b. Appointment of Junior Council Candidates: Approve
i. Libby Huston
11. Thea Zaida Persaud
7. Public Works & Facilities:
a. Civil Site Planning Proposal for Administration/Public Safety Facility &
Public Works Campus: Approve
8. Enhancement Committee
a. 2023 Streetscape Master Plan Project: Approve contract for professional
services agreement with Dewberry Engineers, Inc., Mechanicsburg, PA
b. Citizen Advisors to Enhancement Committee – Approve appointment
1. Brian Johnson
ii. Austin Graham
11. Isaac Riston
9. Public Safety
a. Amendment of Special Event Ordinance: Approve advertisement of
ordinance for priority event designation of Snacktown Brewfest
b. Rental Registration & Inspection Workshop: Approve formation of
Workshop between Council Members and Citizens
10. Reports of Council Members, Council Committees and Other Public Bodies
a. Committee Chair Reports:
i. Public Safety Committee – Mr. Lockard
11. Enhancement Committee – Mr. Hegberg
m. Water & Sewer Committee – Mr. Reichart
1v. Public Works & Facilities Committee – Mr. Kress
v. Governance & Policy Committee – Dr. Rupp
vi. Fire Commission – Council Member Mr. Reichart or Mr. Lockard
11. Management Reports
12. Correspondence and Information
13. Additional Public Comment
14. Adjournment

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