Adams County Community Foundation Video Series

If you would like to download a copy of your video go to the vimeo page of your video (the link that was provided to you).

Below the video you will see a row of buttons.  Click on the “download” button….

You’ll get a list of options.  Choose “Original .MP4 file” by right-mouse-clicking on the link.  From the drop menu chose “Save target as..” (this may be listed as “save as…”, “save link as…”, or “Download linked file as…” depending on what internet browser you are using)  (On a MAC?… hold down the “ctrl” key then click on the “orginial.mp4” file.  This is the same as right-clicking with a two button mouse.  You should get the menu and choose “Download Linked File”)

The downloaded file will be the .mp4 format(h.264) this is the recommended file format for sites like Youtube and Vimeo. You can upload the file to your own YouTube or other video hosting site if you wish.

The videos will remain on our Vimeo site. If you don’t want to bother downloading the file and uploading to your own account you can simply embed your video on your website like the foundation did here.  The video will play right from your site.  To do this click on the “share” button in the upper right hand corner of your video.

You get a box that looks like this…

The html web code used to post the video on your own website is listed in the box under “Embed“. The person that helps you with your web site should know what to do with it.

Finally, to post the video to your Facebook page simply copy the Vimeo URL of your video page.  This is the web address of your video in the address bar of your browser, it should look like this…

Copy this url and paste it as a new status in your facebook feed. The video should appear right after you paste the url. Then click “Post

If you need any help, have problems downloading, or if you need the video file in another format please email me at