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2021 Taste of Pennsylvania Wine & Music Festival

June 5 @ 12:00 pm - 7:30 pm

CrocodileDog Marketing invites you to our “Let’s Drink But Be As Safe As We Can” edition of Taste of Pennsylvania in our new location in the grassy and tree-filled fields of the York Memorial Park Complex.
Choose Your Session
Join us at Noon or 4pm in our big ol’ wide open space with 12 wineries, food trucks, vendors and plenty of room to spread out.
Guests move through our contactless front gate in waves of 750 people with a 30-minute break to sanitize and shoo everyone along (looking at you “guy who strikes up a conversation with the winemaker so you can get one last sample). Tickets are sold for specific waves to maintain crowd sizes. They are sold only in advance, and you cannot join another wave if you are late.
Safely taste your way through the event
We have taken MANY steps to ensure your safety including:
· Every area intended for guests is designed specifically to allow enough people to comfortably stand and maintain 6-foot distance with room to spare. Seriously…you should see the maps we made.
· We will have plenty of sanitizer for personal and vendor use. They will be stationed throughout the event, after every section, and in every restroom to spray down surfaces.
· We’ve moved to sessions with buffer areas in between so groups never come into contact and everyone has 30 minutes to clean everything and reset.
· We’ve redesigned the front gate to be no-contact assuming you print a ticket. So…print your ticket.
· Wineries will be following “no gathering” protocols to push tasting along and reduce gathering at sample and purchase points.
· Wineries are setup with a social distance lines in front of them to (hopefully) prevent congregation.
· Wineries can still sell single portions and bottles of wine but are encouraged to sell from the side of their tent to avoid contact with those in line for samples.
· Mandatory mask rules for vendors and guests.
While following the rules
Here are the nitty gritty rule details. We pride ourselves on our logistics and ability to execute meaningful events. These will be our guiding principles for this event, In some cases, they are absolute.
· ID is required for entry. Same as always. This event will be 21 and over only.
· Mask are REQUIRED for entry. There will be no exemptions accepted for this rule. Our event is optional and non-essential. The mask must cover your nose and mouth. All traditional masks are accepted. We don’t care about your vaccination record or your medical exemptions.
· Masks are REQUIRED when approaching a winery/vendor.
· Mask are REQUIRED when leaving the event.
· Masks are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED when you are not eating or drinking.
· Please limit your time at the winery. Get your samples, buy your bottle/cup, ask a quick question. Move away from the winery into the open spaces as often and quickly as you can to allow others to approach the winery. You can always go back.
Some recommendations
· Arrive 30 minutes before your session. It is our goal to get IDs checked and everyone banded before their wave starts. We don’t want you to lose a minute.
· Print your ticket. We don’t want to have to touch your phone to scan it in the sunlight.
· You can bring anything you want, other than sickness and alcohol. Maybe some light lawn chairs to create a base camp under a tree? Some snacks, perhaps? Limited seating will be provided.


Bob Hoffman Fields
Vander Ave
york, PA 17403 United States
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